Creating within the Process

Kyle Glanville’s explanation of preparing a great shot of espresso is brilliant. Call me a nerd,  but my spidey espresso senses were tingling while watching this video.

I’ve come to really respect espresso and the amount of focused attention it takes to pull the perfect shot since starting my position as a barista at Peet’s Coffee in March 2011. From seasoned aficionados from Italy who visit their kids at Northwestern who come in asking for their perfectly calibrated caffeination, to confused customers who ask for extra-shots of expresso to their already sugar-filled drinks, my job is to follow the process in which I’ve been taught and then formed into my own approach. Yes, Kyle Glanville’s systematic approach to this process is film worthy and makes for a perfect model to duplicate, but even Kyle adds his own flavor, his own movement, and adds his own finesse to the final product.

Whether you’re a church leader, church member, barista, accountant, stay at home dad, choir director, bass player, barber, librarian, aspiring actress or future family practitioner, the process in which you follow to do your best work should never lack your creative touch. People can see through lack-luster performance. Don’t hide your God-given talents behind your apron, stole, or lab coat. As much as God appoints, hurls, calls, sends, and follows through, God is constantly creating within the process of people’s everyday lives.

So grab a latte today. Watch your barista and see if they are intentional about giving you a bit of themselves within making a drink they produce on a regular basis. If not, grab that latte, pour it all over the table, and demand a refund. Haha! No, instead be challenged in their creativeness or creative-less-ness to shine within the process of everything you do. Search out the Kyle Glanville’s in your field and be inspired to be you.


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