Giving Thanks like Jimmy Fallon

My absolute favorite late night talk show host is Jimmy Fallon. From his SNL-like skits, crazy antics with celebrities, or getting to hear the jams of The Roots every night as his musical relief though the show’s entirety, he’s got the the total package to conclude a long day at school or work.
Never knowing what segment he will present next, I find myself hoping he whips out a pen and a stack of envelopes signaling his beloved Thank You Notes montage. The concept is simple: with a dramatic piano interlude accompanied by The Roots pianist, Fallon writes Thank You Notes to a variety of ridiculously objects or cultural norms which he thanks for obscure reasons. For example, he writes:
Thanks… cough drops, for being candy with directions.
Thanks… skinny jeans, for looking terrible on people who don’t have skinny genes.
or Thanks… Cheerios and SpaghettiOs, for being twin siblings who chose different career paths.
The other night, while laughing to myself at the absurdity of his hand written note which thanked a tanning beds for looking like a human panini-maker, I though: when was the last time I gave God thanks? I pray throughout the week asking God for this, addressing God about these issues, or proclaiming God’s goodness due to this. How often do I just pray to God… “Thank you.” It is so easy to skip over it within the chaos of our world and the calamities of our daily lives. But today be challenged. Be challenged to give God thanks. . .
Thank you for yesterday.
Thank you in the Red Line at the Argyle Stop.
Thank you for your guidance throughout this semester.
Thank you for the sunshine that beams off Lake Michigan.
Thank you for the comfort of family members this weekend at my grandmother’s funeral.
Thank you for this barista at the Starbucks on State St. who told me I had a great smile.
Thank you in the morning when I rise.
Thank you at night when I fall to sleep beside my wife with a roof over our heads.
Thank you for the joy that exudes from the laugh of my one-year old cousin Cooper
Thank you when nothing seems right and yet your grace gathers me up and makes me whole.
Thank you for Missy Wise’s voice in my headphones.
Thank you for tex-mex.
Thank you through the tears.
Thank you for unexpected friendships.
Thank you when I don’t understand.
Thank you for my craving to know more.
Thank you for my breath.
May we this week breathe-in God’s presence and breathe-out our thanks for God’s continual faithfulness.

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